HE2050-A LED Driver

HE2050-A is a constant current dimmable driver. It offers two different dimming options : 1-10V dimming and Switch-DIM. It has a built in DIP switch which allows easy LED current selection options.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC 50/60 Hz
Mains Current 270mA…242mA
Mains power 58W (Max.)
Output voltage (U-out max.) 110V (Max.)
Power factor ≥0.9
Operation temperature Ta:-20~+45°C Tc:75°C
Rated output current/voltage/power 25W / 350mA / 10~72V

36W / 500mA / 10~72V

40W / 550mA / 10~72V

43W / 600mA / 10~72V

47W / 650mA / 10~72V

50W / 700mA / 10~72V

50W / 800mA / 10~63V

50W / 900mA / 10~56V

50W / 1050mA / 10~48V

Efficiency (Max.) 90%
Abnormal protection Output short-circuit protection with auto-reset
Over-heat protection Over-heat protection with auto reset
EMC Standard EN55015, EN61547
Safety Standard EN61347-a, EN61347-2-13
Certification Semko,CE, EMC
Dielectric strength Input →output : 3750VAC/5mA/1min
IP grade IP20

Mechanical structure

Wiring diagram

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