DS07 Photocell Advance Daylight Sensor

Thanks to the Photocell AdvanceTM function, these daylight sensor can built inside the fixture completely. The fixture is effectively controlled by the daylight sensor, automatic on/off operation based upon daylight. Use for retrofit and new building installations.

  • No drill or hole is needed for accessing the daylight condition
  • Works from behind the fixture cover/diffuser

Technical Specifications

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC 50 Hz
Standby-power <1W
Capacitive 400W
Resistive 800W
Switched power 80mA
Daylight threshold 2 ~ 500 lux, disabled
Operation temperature Ta: -20~+60°C
Case temperature (Max) Tc:+80°C
IP Rating IP20
Warming-up 20s

Mechanical structure


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