DS05 Daylight Sensor

Thanks to the Photocell AdvanceTM function, these daylight sensor can built inside the fixture completely. The fixture is effectively controlled by the daylight sensor, automatic on/off operation based upon daylight. Use for retrofit and new building installations.

  • No drill or hole is needed for accessing the daylight condition
  • Works from behind the fixture cover/diffuser

Technical specification

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC 50 Hz
Standby-power <1W
Capacitive 400W
Resistive 800W
Switched power 80mA
Daylight threshold 2 ~ 500 lux, disabled
Operation temperature Ta: -20~+60°C
Case temperature (Max) Tc:+80°C
IP Rating IP20
Warming-up 20s

Mechanical structure

Wiring diagram


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