HC028V/RF Hytronik Sensor Rf-Transceiver

RF wireless occuppancy detector suitable for indoor use. Use for retrofit and new luminaire designs/installations. Suitable for building into the fixture:

  • Carpark
  • Classroom
  • Staircase and corridor

Technical Data

Mains Voltage 220~240VAC   50/60Hz
Stand-by power <0.5W
Load ratings 400W – Capacitiv Load
1200W – Resisitv Load
Warming-up 20s
Sensor Priciple High Frequency (Microwave)
Operation frequency 5.8GHz +/-75MHz
Transmission power <0.2mW
Detection Range Max. (OxH): 12m x 6m
Detection Angel 30 ~ 150 Degrees
RF Frequency 868MHz (FSK mode, default)
RF Transmission distance 30m indoor, 50m outdoor.
Settings adjustments:
Sensitivity 10% / 50% 75% / 100%
Hold time 30s ~ 30 min (Selectable)
Daylight treeshold 2 ~ 50 lux, Disable
Stand-by period 0s ~ 1h, +∞ (Selecteble)
Stand-by dimminglevel 5% / 10% 20% / 50%
Operation temperature -35 ~ +70 Degree Celcius
Case temperature (Max.) Tc:+80°C
IP rating IP20

Mechanical structure

Wiring Diagram


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